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Our recipe


Take a group of some perfectionist cooks, give into them hands really high-quality ingredients, add a hint from the charm of French cuisine and a pinch form the original Hungarian hospitality, salt and pepper it to taste: This is Borssó!


Our Chef


More and more people adore fusion cuisine and also star-chefs who are achieving dazzling results not only at nationally but also in the international gastronomic floor. We are somewhat unconventional in this respect: as opposed to star chefs we beleive in the perfect team who's cooking matches up to anyone's nationwide and internationally. Our menus compete with anyone at home or abroad.

Five-star ingredients


Our number one principle: great food is made from fresh and flawless ingredients. This is why we go the the local market regularly. It’s a fantastic experience to see how carefully and professionally they selects the ideal vegetables for the daily menus from the assortment of the proven Hungarian producers. First of all we believe in fresh, domestic ingredients. And in the French ones, because there are a few that great can only be purchased in France. We cannot argue with that. What we miss here, we order from there.


The art of hospitality


According to our credo great service is just like good makeup: almost invisible, but it can also conjure the perfect beauty to even prettier. At our place you will not find any waiters. If You visit Borssó your server will be your host. He will be such a great guide, who can exactly inform you about what’s going on in the kitchen, but also serve as Your reliable counselor what drink of our will make your food even more enjoyable and tasteful.


Deja vu


We love the one of a kind French culinary culture and we also look for challenges. Therefore, when we first dreamt about the concept of Borssó, we decided to open a French bistro in Budapest. A great and cozy place with delicious food. A bistro You can visit even in T-shirts and jeans any time and enjoy a tasty piece of meal or a drink. Not an ostentatious, but still an elegant restaurant where you will happily invite your darling for a romantic dinner, or your friends to chill out, or even your business partners for a lunch.


Visit us today! You can find us in the city centre, just a few minutes away from the Kálvin square or the Pest-side of the Szabadság bridge (the green one crossing the Danube), right at the cross of Képíró and Király Pál street. At our bistro you can enjoy some live jazz music on summer weekends and our terrace is lit up by colorful lanterns from above. Just like in Paris...


We warmly welcome You!


Oh, and one more thing: our bourguignon is especially fabulous. Even according to the French. And if anyone, they sure are competent about it...